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We blend our investment expertise with smart technology to provide our 385,000+ investors with the buying power and investment opportunities traditionally reserved for billion dollar institutions.

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Your portfolio is powered by high-quality, resilient assets.

Bella Bee offers a variety of proprietary funds, ranging from real estate private equity to venture capital to private credit. Historically, these kinds of investments would’ve been reserved exclusively for institutional investors.

Depending on your objective, your portfolio will gain exposure to one or more of our high-end strategies, including

  • Build-for-rent residential housing across the Sunbelt
  • Late-stage, high-growth private tech companies, including those focused on AI/ML
  • Industrial assets like last-mile distribution warehouses and data centers
  • High-yield opportunistic bridge loan financing
  • We’ve invested in a multi-billion portfolio of private market assets over the last decade. We’re also one of 50 real estate private equity firms in the world to deploy more than $1 billion annually in both 2021 and 2022.

    Your returns are maximized through our end-to-end technology

    While historically profitable, the private market investing industry is notorious for its high fees, misaligned incentives, and near-total lack of technological innovation. Bella Bee investors, on the other hand, are arguably able to own private market assets in a more low-cost way than was previously ever possible.

    We've redesigned each step of the investment management process, replacing high-cost manual workflows with software-enabled automated systems. The result is a single integrated platform designed to deliver better net performance potential.
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